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Our Mission

Patriots for Peace Officers is not a club or an organization you can join. Being a patriot is a virtue and a way of life. It is the duty of every able-bodied citizen to stand up and defend his or her country from enemies foreign and domestic. In doing so, a citizen must be properly educated in our true history and our founding principles. We must be keenly aware of the assault on them and the coup currently overthrowing our legitimate form of government.

This same responsibility is true for Peace Officers; Today, local peace officers in cities, counties and states are being cleansed of any patriotic values and are being used to enforce the tyranny of corrupt politicians, judges, and unlawful administrators.

Many people expect that the remaining local peace officers will stand up to this tyranny as it is their duty to do so, and they swore an oath stating they will.

Unfortunately, not every Policemen, Elected Sheriff, Deputy or Trooper has taken that oath seriously, just as many citizens have not. They will do as told, in order to avoid persecution and keep their job. Eventually, they will be forced to make choices that will either cost them their job or cost them their soul. Following Orders is no Excuse to be an agent of Oppression. The world is full of Militant thugs with badges who uphold the unjust and immoral edicts of their masters.

Americans do not swear loyalty to a person, we swear loyalty to the virtues that this nation was founded upon. That is, that All men are created equal under God, and that each man and woman have the natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is a Peace Officer’s Duty to Protect those rights from people who seek to infringe upon them just as it is every Citizen’s even when those Citizens are peace Officers.

Therefore, we must support the Peace Officers who are brave enough to stand up this madness, the ones that have taken their Oath seriously and the ones who are willing to sacrifice themselves for it.

We cannot expect a few brave men and women with everything to lose, fight this battle alone, we must have their backs. We need to build stronger local relationships with police, Sheriff’s and Troopers, educate one another and build local governments that enforce our Constitution and defend each other against those who don’t.


The United States


The Constitutional County

Constitutional County Video

Enough is enough. It is long past overdue for the silent majority to stand up and be Silent No More.

For decades corrupt laws, executive decisions, and court opinions have pushed our country in directions contrary to our Founding Principles and Constitution.

We were promised a federation, yet the federal government acts as an all powerful nation.

We were promised representation. But it is long gone in favor of national parties, identity politics, outside influences, big money, big tech, and election fraud. Governments have left their constituents behind as they push centrally-determined globalist agendas.

We are where we were—taxation without representation. The fruits of our labors are used to fund our conquest.

Had governments actually been representative, we would never have arrived at the point we now find ourselves, pursuing directions diametrically opposed to our values.

We are in the midst of a full-blown Communist coup that seeks to turn us into another Russia, another China, another Venezuela, and in the process defame then erase the very people responsible for this country’s amazing successes—virtually every advancement that defines the modern world. We lifted billions—the world—to the highest levels ever known in the history of mankind.

It is time to be Silent No More. United We Stand, divided we fall. The Constitutional County is a unified movement to do just that. It has two main components:

  1. Revelations. We have been so thoroughly beguiled, for decades, our beliefs are based on lies. We do not see straight. We have eyes but do not see, and ears but do not hear. Thus beguiled, we make decisions we believe in, but act against our interests. There is a way out. The truth. Enlightenment. Being taught to see the world as it actually is. You shall know the truth, and it shall set you free.
  2. Restoration. The second part is to relearn then restore the Original Intent. Our country was founded on timeless, positive, immutable ideals. We seek to restore them.

The Constitutional County strives to enlighten, reawaken the original vision, rebuild that unique American spirit, provide unity, offer direction, and provide effective advice. All for free.

It is not an organization. It gains strength by the voluntary participation of existing organizations, each of which incorporates, supports, embraces, and promotes it as its own. Existing organizations remain the same, with their own unique charters, interests, and leadership. Yet all share this one common vision.

It your organization is interested in participating,


Kirk MacKenzie